A Silent Film – This Stage Is Your Life

A Silent Film are back with a new 3 track EP taken from their forth coming album “Sand & Snow“.   The band are currently busy touring North America and receiving rave reviews. Recorded in Arizona, where they are now based, this EP opens with ‘This Stage is Your Life’.  With a piano introduction you could expect to hear from a Coldplay album but the track soon comes into its own with a more alternative rockier sound with the confident/smooth vocals of Robert Stevenson drifting into the track.  The busy guitar cords complement and electronic swagger entwined in a Brit/indie feel.

Track 2 of the EP ‘Echoes Across a Bowl of Tears’  is a surprising delight.  Without the trademark piano intro this has a more rockier/aggressive approach that grabs you instantly.  The song demonstrates what a diverse and talented band they have developed into.  The final track is a ‘piano version’ of ‘Danny, Dakota & the Wishing Well’.  The song is a sad, slow story of 2 estranged lovers, Robert Stevens vocals are tender and beautifull, complemented by intricate piano melodies.

A Silent Film have always been a fantastic live act, but after their slightly disappointing debut album in 2008 I did doubt whether they could make an impact in such a saturated market with bands such as Coldplay and Snow Patrol dominating.  This EP however demonstrates that A Silent Film could make inroads and it is easy to see why they are now creating such a stir in the States.  It will be interesting to see how their stay in America develops and if they can get that big break they so richly deserve.

Released on 30th July 2012 by Creative Media