About One Note Forever

What is the most exciting musical event you have ever witnessed? When did music last make you physically tremble with a combination of fear and highly charged anticipation?

Two things immediately spring to mind for us; Neil Young’s prolonged, repetitive solos and when My Bloody Valentine end their sets by furiously strumming a single chord for an unfathomable amount of time.

Sometimes, you only need a single note to make a big impact. You just need to have the balls to play that one note forever.

Formerly Oxford Music Blog

Oxford Music Blog is no more. It has become a different beast, a beast named One Note Forever. This change of name will also herald a change of identity, a change of brand and most importantly a change of focus. Of course, we have made such good ties here in Oxford and we are not going to abandon our local coverage.

However, we will begin to embrace a wider audience. Instead of being an Oxford music blog, we simply become a music blog from Oxford – a subtle but significant difference. Our mission will switch from reporting solely on the local music scene, to becoming a more feature driven website covering the most exciting, innovative and courageous rising artists out there.

ONF Records

One Note Forever Records was launched in the summer of 2013.

What Festival

Our sister website What Festival launched in October 2013.

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Tom Jowett – Editor | Nick Seagrave – Digital

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