Adventures Close To Home

Adventures Close To Home is a brand regular music event – run by Rob St. John and Emma Cardwell – looking to stage DIY and independent music events in Oxford. Next Wednesday 18th May sees The Art Jericho Gallery play host to sets from Liz Green, Rob Young (reading from Electric Eden) and Jamie Harrison in the first of a (hopefully) long line of events staged by the pair.

Speaking about the general ethos of Adventures Close To Home, Emma had this to say, “We want to present interesting music in interesting places, in a way that treats the audience as more than a passive consumer of a spectacle. We’d like it to be part of a fun and inspiring musical community, and a chance for people to try something new, meet new people and make new friends. We want people to go away and think “I could do that!”. Terms such as lo-fi , DIY and indie have certainly been watered down over the past few years in music, and Adventures Close To Home hope to recapture some of the original meaning of those terms, “We just want to put on indie shows, in the true sense of the word. Over time, it seems the meaning of “indie music” has become so diluted that it just signifies guys with floppy hair playing guitars. It’s such a fallacy: “Indie music” is not a sound and it’s not a certain look. It’s about making music, arts and entertainment independently: among friends, your own way and to express yourself, rather than trying to sell a product or follow the pre-ordained path of the music industry.”

It all sounds very idealistic so far, doesn’t it? But luckily, with previous experience promoting gigs, ACTH is also backed up with a healthy dose of realism. “A community of like-minded people built slowly but surely over a few years around similar DIY shows in unconventional venues in Scotland”, says Rob of his previous experience putting on gigs in Edinburgh, “(We’re) Trying to curate a night around a theme or idea rather than throwing a bunch of bands together in a soulless venue.  Tailoring the bands to appropriate spaces, and valuing the audience members as intrinsic to the atmosphere and ethos of the night.”

Not only are Rob and Emma hoping to give the band’s a special experience by playing in a completely non-profit and totally independent show, but keeping the crowds coming will be essential and Rob knows that providing something for everyone will be key, “I think our summer bookings show that we’re pretty open in our booking policies: from anti-folk to free noise through readings about pastoral British folk, and from indie-pop to psychedelic rock.  Hopefully eveyone will be able to find something of interest in what we’re trying to curate.”

Emma continues to say that, “Hopefully the fact that no-one will be treated like a “punter”! We want people to make friends, and be inspired, and to feel like they can get involved if they want to. We want people to meet the bands, rather than having an unnecessary divide between the artist and the audience. We keep the door prices as low as possible: just enough to pay the band and the venue. We can do this because we are putting on the shows purely because we think they are great and we really want to see them play in Oxford. We want music to be a fun and inspiring experience.”

Sounds great to us and – frankly – we cannot wait for more in the future! Tickets for Adventures Close To Home’s first show (Wed 18th May) at The Art Jericho Gallery featuring Liz Green, Rob Young and Jamie Harrison cost £6/5 adv. Keep an eye on One Note Forever for news about Adventures Close To Home in the near future.