Album Archaeology: 28 Degrees Taurus

28 Degrees Taurus Interview

We went digging at the surface of the album archaeology that makes 28 Degrees Taurus the band that they are with Jinsen Liu (guitar/vocals) and Karina Dacosta (bass/vocals), delving deeper to find out which albums inspired them to become musicians, which albums they mark as heavy influences and which albums they think stand up as the best of all time.

1. The album which made you pick up the guitar
Jinsen: “I remember listening to Sonic Youth as a kid and hearing about all the alternate tunings they used that got me interested in picking up guitar because it seemed more interesting to me than learning guitar the standard way. I think it was their album Goo.”
Karina: “No album, I decided to play the cello before I knew about electric basses.”

2. The album which made you turn up the distortion
J: “Growing up with metal/grindcore as a kid I always loved the heaviness and bottom end that those bands got like Napalm Death, Sepultura, Carcass.”
K: “I don’t use distortion, but I got into distortion when my sister got out of the Marine Corps and I spent a few weeks with her and her Metallica tapes.”

3. The album which made you want to jam forever
K: “Hmmm….Jinsen an answer this. I don’t like to jam too much.”
J: “I think seeing Spiritualized live made me more interested in the improvisational aspect of playing because I appreciated how the live version of their songs were often improvisations or extentions of their album versions.”

4. The album which constantly inspires you to experiment
J: “My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless was always timeless and the production techniques they used was always pushed me to experiment further with sounds and textures.”
K: “Cocteau Twins – Blue Bell Knoll

5. The album with the best instrumentals
J: “Too many to list.”

6. The album of modern times (21st Century)
J: “I think Radiohead defined and set new standards for modern times with most of their releases in the late 90s.”
K: “I don’t pick stuff like that.”

7. The album you always return to in times of need and desparation
J: “I think of all the Low records for that.”
K: “Blonde Redhead – 23

8. The album which took a while to appreciate
J: “Most albums fall into that category for myself.”

9. The album which no matter how many times you listen to, you never get bored
J: “I could have The Carpenters on repeat and not think anything of it….”
K: “Asteroid #4 – An Amazing Dream

10. The album which you routinely choose as your all-time number 1
J: “I don’t think I have one actually…”
K: “I don’t have one either…”

28 Degrees Taurus released their new album Mirrors & Gates on 20 April 2013 via Bandcamp