Alcopop! Sign LightGuides

Alcopop! Records have proudly announced the signing of Scottish rockers LightGuides who are set to release their debut mini-album on the label this summer. Twiddly guitars and thick Scottish accents, the three-piece cite American influences like Jimmy Eat World, Alexisonfire, Brand New, and The Get Up Kids. Although being from Glasgow, I’m gonna guess that they’re a little less tanned than the Arizona sun-kissed Jimmy are. That may be the case, but where in terms of skin pigmentation they are worlds apart, the two bands certainly share a penchant for punchy guitars, raw intensity and melodic noise.

Alcopop! will be introducing them at their The Great Escape showcase with DIY, and tour dates across the UK and Scotland. LightGuides will be releasing their first single ‘Old Bucket Seats’ through Alcopop! in May. Their debut mini album will follow in the summer.

Watch the video for song ‘Midget Gems’ underneath:

Lightguides, Migetgems from Benjamin Cowie on Vimeo.