All Tiny Creatures Release Single And Mixtapes

Wisconsin’s All Tiny Creatures, led by Thomas Wincek of Volcano Choir, have released the second single from their forthcoming debut album. ‘Glass Bubbles’, a glorious mix of ethereal melodies and complex electronic compositions, features on both the impending Harbors LP as well as on an exclusive mixtape released on the Hometapes record label earlier this week.

Glass Bubbles Mixtape, is a limited edition cassette that includes two songs from Harbors elaborated upon by three continuous tape-exclusive compositions. The mixtape is limited to 250 copies, packaged beautifully in a heavyweight paper case printed in two spot colours, including a wild and rich fluorescent on the outside. You can purchase the physical mixtape here for $12 or, if you’re feeling a little bit stingy, listen to the entire mixtape below for free:

Listen: All Tiny Creatures – ‘Glass Bubbles’

Listen: All Tiny Creatures – Glass Bubbles Mixtape SIDE A

Listen: All Tiny Creatures – Glass Bubbles Mixtape SIDE B

If that has tickled your fancy for a bit of Tiny Creature action then it’s worth bearing in mind that 29th March 2011 is the release date of their debut album which sees the once purely instrumentalist band introduce and manipulate the human voice into their already fascinating musical outlook. One voice in particular makes an exciting cameo appearance in Harbors, that of Mr Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver). What a wonderful prospect.