Alphabet Backwards – The White Russian EP

Back with another round of organic pop gems, The White Russian EP, sees Alphabet Backwards return in an even more playful mood than before which, simply put, is sublime.

Opener ‘Christopher’ is a quirky little introductory track which kicks everything off with an almost tropical melody over what can only be described as a DnB style drum pattern. In terms of vocals/lyrics I didn’t really take to the song as it felt a little fractured in places but, as with their previous release, the band’s melodies are smooth and really fresh. I will take issue with the synth run at about 0:39 as that doesn’t really do anything for me, even though it fits in well with the bands “shtick” for bubbling synths.

The midpoint of the EP, ‘Elton John’, is quite possibly the funniest start to a song I have heard in ages. The synth is so outrageous, so outlandish, that you can’t help but smile or even laugh, but it just works for Alphabet Backwards, especially when you add in hard grooving rhythm section and sharp vocal delivery. It’s almost impossible not to be charmed – if it was anyone else, it wouldn’t really work.

The final track of the EP ‘Plastic’ feels very much like a left over from The Super Hero EP. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it doesn’t seem to fit in as well as it could with its predecessors. It seems like the little sister of the effervescent ‘Collide’. That said it is still a great song which displays the beautiful dual vocals of James and Steph which are a lynch pin of the bands sound alongside the infectious rhythms and fizzing synthesizers.

The White Russian EP further solidifies Alphabet Backwards’ knack for truly unique pop song writing.