Americana At The Bully Next Friday

Next Friday (13th July), Empty Room Promotions will present their first ever Americana weekend at the Bullingdon Arms in Cowley. Spread across three nights, the Bully will be converted from a grimy grease-trap that hosts mostly dance and house events into, well, a grimy grease-trap full of rootin-tootin country rock and blues inspired folk (disclaimer: we like the Bully’s un-glamorous approach to live music). 

Friday 13th sees The Eve Selis Band from San Diego, “We have promoted Eve many times in the past,” says Mike Trotman of Empty Rooms, “and she has always given us a 100% brilliant performance with no holds barred. This time she comes with a six piece band!” As one leading American critic put it, “Eve Selis isn’t just a ‘singer’ — she’s an emotion transducer who converts country, R&B, blues, folk, and rock ‘n’ roll signals into a megawatt zap that galvanizes everyone in its path. The cauterizing power of Selis’s voice can arc-weld material from almost any genre into a personal manifesto.”  Tickets cost £12 advance and £14 on the door.

On Saturday 14th Alejandro Escovedo & The Sensitive Boys from Austin, Texas. He comes with a new album Big Station, co-written with another Bully fan, Chuck Prophet and invigorated by his association with friend and colleague Bruce Springsteen. He has supported Bruce and the two have often played together. Tickets cost £14 advance and £16 on the door.

Lastly, on Sunday 15th Dawes from Los Angles will bring the Americana weekend to a close. “These guys are going are going on to big things,” says Mike again, “and I doubt if they will be playing this small a venue again so my advice is – grab ‘em while you can”. Tickets cost £12 advance £14 on the door.

So strap on your spurs, load up your Colt 45 and let your pet rattlesnake out for the night as things are going to get a little wiki-wild-wild-west.

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