Aurora J Young – ‘Charmer’

Banbury songstress Aurora J Young has delivered, first and foremost, a track with an extremely rich arrangement. Multiple guitars, piano  & strings layer ‘Charmer’ throughout and add some real depth to the recording. The recording did seem very bass light for my tastes and ultimately primed for radio play.

The radio play will definitely be more likely to come from BBC Radio 2 as opposed to Radio 1….It’s definitely something I think my parents would be into and appreciate. But they’re also in to Michael Bolton. Timeless.

Miss Young can definitely sing. She has an extremely powerful blues tinged voice which she dynamically wields through the track with great effect. I can imagine it’s something else when you hear her live (it really does sound great). I just found little in this track to get me excited. It plods along and as previously mentioned, the instrumentation is very rich but other than her voice there wasn’t much here that inspired me to come back for further listens.



Released on 12th March 2012