Bad Weather California Rip Aerosmith

Bad Weather California combine sunshine and guitars to bring you another great song in the form of ‘Get A Grip’. The song was recorded in Detroit by Chris Koltay (who has produced work by Deerhunter) and produced by Seth Olinksy (of Akron/Family).

The song blends California surf with psychedelic rock and the video, well, you’ve probably seen it before! Aerosmith’s song ‘Crazy’ has a pretty horrible video, especially when you consider Steve Tyler had his daughter star running around in her knickers, pole-dancing and being a general prick-tease to any man in shot, but Bad Weather California’s song gives the video a certain ridiculousness.

Check it out as soon as you can, as the Tyler estate will be all over this as soon as they realize.

Bad Weather California – get a grip from Adam Baumeister on Vimeo.

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