Beardyman Plays Oxford Next Week

Beat-boxing: for many it is the scourge of modern music. Ever been to an improv night which is going truly swell before some wannabe MC gets up on stage and begins to beat-box? It really does make you want fling faeces at the perpetrator, doesn’t it? However, like anything with a certain degree of cheesy pastiche, when done correctly, it can become quite extraordinary.

Only one man has successfully rescued the art (and it is an art, try doing it yourself, it’s tricky) of beat-boxing, well and truly mastered it, and turned it into a live experience which is not only enjoyable, but a performance worthy of any of the best natural “entertainers” in the global music scene today. Take a bow Beardyman.

Combining electro-house, mainstream pop and chart-bothering hip-hop Beardyman caters for all tastes in a live show using only a single instrument; his voice box. Layering looped sample upon looped sample of his voice to create a one-man band experience without a pair of knee-cymbals in sight. If you’ve never seen it before, then make sure you’re at the Oxford o2 Academy on Monday 7th March. You’ll gawp with amazement for the first few minutes, and then you’ll be dancing to the hypnotic beats that has won over thousands of fans up and down the country.

Tickets cost £10 and can be purchased by clicking on the WeGotTickets button below: