Black Hats – ‘Kick In The Doors’

Oxford based three piece Black Hats are back with their single ‘Kick In The Doors’, taken from the forthcoming mini album Austerity for the Hoi Polloi which is set to be released on the 26th of May 2012. Describing themselves as “new wave / post punk” the trio consists of lead singer and guitarist Nick Breakspear, bassist Ian Budd and drummer Mark Franklin, who have become familiar faces having played the local circuit for a number of years but are hoping that this new record will be the catalyst in allowing them to reach out to a wider and more national audience.

‘Kick In The Doors’ is an explosion of rhythmic energy created by an underlining repeating reverb-drenched synth melody, a driving bass line and relentless pedal note octaves on guitar, locked tightly together by a lively upbeat drum pattern that’s sure to get people up and dancing at your local indie disco. Some nice dynamic contrast is achieved in the verse after this initial full texture, with vocals layered over a spikey bass accompaniment whilst sparse echoey-guitar phrasing and jagged chords compliment the overall sound well. With the help of some great hooks, interesting Futureheads-inspired vocal interplay and a radio-friendly chorus Black Hats new single is a catchy solid feel-good indie record that you’ll be humming along to all afternoon.

Accompanying the single is a second track entitled ‘Death By Record’ combining an aggressive crunchy guitar riff, interesting offbeat electronic horn synth accompaniment and nice interweaving backing vocals that provide a framework of subtle harmonies building into a complex and exciting texture. Great rhythmic drive is provided by the drums and bass with strong and confident lead vocals layered over a delayed guitar melody whilst repeating lyrics keep the chorus memorable.

Black Hats are certainly not innovators of progressive new music with the arrangements being somewhat predictable and pastiche but if you’re a fan of upbeat catchy feel-good records and proudly put The Wombats near the top of your pre-drinking indie playlist, this pop punk band may be just the thing you need to get your summer party started.



Released on 16th April 2012 by Hoi Polloi Records