Boat to Row – Grassmarket EP

Untainted chords enriched with vivacious harmonies and melodies fill Boat To Row’s latest release. Grassmarket. Boat to Row are your stereotypical acoustic folk band from Birmingham, who are surprisingly unsigned, given all the other indie-folk artists who have been snapped up by major and independent labels alike in the wake of Fleet Foxes’ rise to prominence and Mumford And Sons’ jump to the top of Barack Obama’s playlist. Well, not quite to the very summit of Obama’s playlist, but it’s in there! Bloody hell!

‘Working Class’ is the opening track on the EP lasting an admirable near six minutes of gentle folk. It is an ideal track to begin this relaxed folky voyage and there is a wonderful balance between guitar, violin and lively harmonies.  Holding the title of this new release and second in line on the EP, ‘Grassmarket’ is simply beautiful. The acoustics do however sound extremely similar to that of Bombay Bicycle Club, which is perfect if you like that sort of thing. Soft intervals of guitar take place between each smooth and vibrant verse giving you time to reflect on the quaint lyrics. ‘Pricilla & James’ is drenched in violin solos and dominates the one minute introduction, thus highlighting the folky repertoire that completes the EP.

With a brilliant stage presence, this band is destined for big things this year. Having already shared a stage with The Vaccines and Johnny Flynn, they’ve already got quite the reputation. They are playing 2000Trees this year so grace them with your company if you’re attending as they are without a doubt one to see live.



Released on 19th March 2012 by istartedthefire Records