A Couple Of Album Teasers

An album teaser is an odd concept. It both satisfies and starves the listener’s appetite for new material. When you have been waiting years and years for a specific artist to release brand new material, the notion of a teaser seems fairly fulfilling; finally the hunger pangs for new music can be abated with a minute or two of new, original material! But imagine waiting for hours for a fabled pie and chips waiting in the oven at home, only to get back and eat a single chip. Sure, the chip is tasty, but the prospect of more and ultimately more rewarding meaty goodness is overwhelming. So without further ado, here are a couple of taster videos for artists with new material out soon, just ignore that grumbling gut!

First up, Bon Iver has been a busy boy of late working with all manner of artists as diverse as the experimental electronic Volcano Choir and ego-Jesus Kanye West. But finally, it appears that Le Bon is ready to deliver some new material all of his own. His new self-titled album will be released in June. Watch the teaser trailer which was unveiled a couple of weeks ago underneath:

Untitled from Bon Iver on Vimeo.

Next up are chillwave Texans Neon Indian. After releasing a gloriously glo-fi debut, the band has since collaborated with Flaming Lips on the EP The Flaming Lips with Neon Indian and are now seemingly prepping the release of their sophomore which is currently having the finishing touches applied in New York. Currently the new Neon Indian LP has no confirmed title or label yet, but the band promises it will be released in the Fall of 2011. And heeeeeeeere’s that trailer:

NEON INDIAN – HEART: ATTACK from gorillavsbear.net on Vimeo.