Breathe Out – Breathe Out EP

Art Is Hard Records are a new and brilliantly unconventional record label from the south-east of England, March 21st will see the labels fourth release. The debut EP from East-London art-rockers Breathe Out will be the label’s first on CD.

However staying true to form, with Art Is Hard’s first release being a t-shirt and the next two a 7” split and a trilogy of tapes respectively, Breathe Out’s debut will come in the form of a “Photozine” that consists of “a 16 page miniature magazine of images” and a CD containing the bands EP. You can also listen to and download for free, via the labels Soundcloud account.

Enough about the label more about the band. Right? In short Breathe Out are pretty dope and the short 5 song EP rushes past far-to-fast. Right from the frantic and noisy start of opener ‘Green Milk’, I was hooked that initial 3 minutes 13 seconds of punk energy mixed with an almost Pixies style “loud-quiet” song structure makes for a clear stand out track.

Next up is ‘Ride The Waves’ which (although the title suggests it may be), is not an ultra-lo-fi, synth-loop-tastic, chill-wave-jam, but in fact requires no hyphens to describe at all and is just a really cool and laid back indie rocker, that is almost impossible not to smile along with.

‘Feathers’ is the longest song on the EP, and maybe drags a bit compared to the rest. However ‘1,000 Times Before’ and ‘Elite Corrigans’, the tracks that bring the EP “Photozine” to a close, really add a new sound, with songs both featuring more obvious synth work than the rest of the release. These final two tracks are further examples of the potential that this new group hold and leave you begging for more.



Label: Art Is Hard