Catalano Releases New Single – Announces Debut Album

Italian-born and Oxford-based Catalano has released a brand new single and announced the release of his debut album. ‘Whenever Something Is Broken, You Just Throw It Away’, available to stream underneath, is taken from the album Patience, Perseverance – which is released on 26 October 2015 and is now available to pre-order at the One Note Forever store.

Catalano has the self-confessed nasty habit of starting multiple projects without ever finishing one. A hefty, almost forceful reaction against his own scatterbrained disposition, Patience, Perseverance is the result of 18 months of self-discipline and unwavering devotion to the painstaking craft of electronic music.

The debut single sees Catalano combining quirky synth melodies with anthemic piano riffs, while multi-layered, ultra-detailed drum patterns slowly but mercilessly drive any shred of pleasantness into a fuzzy, shoegazey wall of noise.

One layer after the other and you’ve got yourself a wall of sound. Catalano is not one to like the minimalist approach. A sound engineer by trade and multi-instrumentalist by choice, he has spent years refining his maximalist philosophy working on other people’s music – now he’s decided to finally throw himself in the mix.

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