Celestial Shore – ‘Hour Minute’ Video

Celestial Shore Video

Like an airy-fairy Zappa, Celestial Shore chuck ideas into a song like Innocent throw fruit into a blender; individually they are great, but all mixed up together this flavour of psych-rock takes on a completely different taste. Using elements of lo-fi psychedelia and math-rock, Celestial Shore create a sound which is quirk and introverted yet confident to wrong-foot the listener on several occasions over in a short space of time making ‘Hour Minute’ a subtly delirious experience. Celestial Shore’s debut LP, 10x, was released September 3 on Hometapes and Local Singles. The delightfully odd video for ‘Hour Minute’ was directed by Sean Dunn & Emily Alexander and stars students from the Summer program at Children’s Museum of the Arts in New York.