Celestial Shore // Interview

celestial shore interview

Celestial Shore make music like a trip in the road. Somehow, with no obstacles in your path, your feet malfunction, seemingly tripping over some invisible object, you look around, you look back, you look confused, but you carry on. Celestial Shore make music in that moment. Misplaced grooves and divot ridden rhythms wrong-foot the listener, messing with the steady pace of pedestrian life. We caught up with the band post-SXSW to ask them some quickfire questions.

If Celestial Shore could be personified, what would that person be like?

She must be a wizard of some kind

What is it about being in a band which gives you the greatest buzz?

Playing music with my pals!

If you could force two artists to breed and create a supergroup, who would it be?

Johann Sebastian Bach and Andy Warhol.

Supposed you had the chance to banish a musical genre into inexistence. What would you choose?

If we got rid of mosquitos the entire ecosystem would collapse.

Would you rather be a pro-athlete or a Hollywood actor?

Neither. I’d be an astronaut.

If you could travel back to a particular moment in history for a day, what would it be?

1958 Newport Jazz Festival, Louis Armstrong’s set. White people getting their faces melted. They were totally rock and roll.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen on tour?

This year at SXSW:

What in-flight films do you suppose they show en-route to Heaven?

Eraserhead: lady in the radiator scene…on loop.

If you could only listen to three albums for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Beach Boys – Pet Sounds; John Coltrane – Live in Seattle; Deerhoof – Runners Four.

Which up and coming artists should we definitely be checking out right now?

Ava Luna (Brooklyn); Bubbly Mommy Gun (Athens); Cloud Becomes Your Hand (Brooklyn); Guerilla Toss (Boston); Leapling (Brooklyn).

Celestial Shore will release the single ‘Valerie’ on 23 Arpil 2013 via Local Singles.