Get A Little Closer @ Baby Simple This Friday

It’s’ that time of year again. The students return en-mass along with their noise, booze and puke. Phd students, it would seem, bring other things: enter Closer. In their own words;

In a world of noise, Closer represents the unwavering belief that simplicity is the key. Stripping away all that’s unnecessary and focusing on the core elements of a great party – music, people, intimacy – Closer is all about letting the moment speak for itself. The many guises of underground house and techno provide the soundtrack to the evening; the rest is up to you.

I know I’m looking forward to this one, if you are too, share the love on their Facebook event. A tasty example of what to expect on Friday can be heard below:

20/10/11 edit – Listen to the entire set by resident DJ Martin Gould: