Club Night Preview: Mutiny @ The Purple Turtle

Head down to the Purple Turtle every Wednesday for Oxford’s biggest alternative night! Playing all your favourite rock and punk hits till 3am! Free Entry!

“Best night of the week has to go to Wednesday… not words you’d usually hear from a young fellow party-goer, but thanks to Mutiny, it has made the weekends drop down a notch or two and made monday mornings at work less miserable…I painted the walls in my office from grey to pink. Everyone from Oxford loves Wednesdays, there is a buzz around the town like a Saturday afternoon in Newcastle for a football fan. the night is fantastically organised and delivered with immence quality and fun and sums up the words ‘rock and roll’. Mutiny should really start its own religion. Cio”

And if that doesn’t sell it for you, Mutiny gives you awesome drinks promos!

£2 Selected bottles! (vks & beer) £2 Shots! 2 Jagerbombs for a Fiver! £2.50 Snakebites! £2.50 Dbl Sailor Jerrys + Mixer! + much more!!

2 thoughts on “Club Night Preview: Mutiny @ The Purple Turtle”

  1. BiuRainey

    At its best when you go to cellar at the same time And run between the two like a squirrel finding nuts. Dose of rock, dose of bass, back n forth n forth n back. Best night in oxford sans aucun doubte

  2. TomJowett

    I’ve had many a good night in Mutiny. System of a Down – Chop Suey? Hell yeah!