Club Night Preview: Phat Sessions @ The Cellar

Wouldn’t it be great to have a bi-monthly event where punters can have a drink or two and explore their musical talents there and then? Step forward Phat Sessions! On paper, it sounds awesome; In reality? So much better! For more information check out or have a gander at the Q & A below!

How does the jam session work?
When you arrive at the night, musicians write their names on the Phat Session’s blackboard. When the jam session kicks off, musicians will be invited to get up on stage. A jam will normally last around 5 minutes. This keeps the music interesting and allows everyone to have a go.

What does the night consist of?
The night is packed with two forty minute jam sessions in which any musicians can take to the stage, three short sets from the house band ‘The Phat Sessions Collective’ playing anything from hip-hop, Latin, and Ska to drum and bass, reggae and funk. On top of all this we have a selection of guest Djs and performers taking the party into the early hours.

Whats been going on?
Over the last two years, news of Phat Sessions has spread widely. With a large regular crowd turning up, the atmosphere is great and most importantly, musicians are getting involved. In January 2009 we had our first special guest appearance, with an amazing sell-out session in which the house band were joined on stage by Alice Russell who absolutely rocked the show! We’ve also had a group of tribal drummers who performed in March, and one of the best UK Beat boxers around ‘Layth’ who joined us in June for yet another amazing session. If you haven’t been down to the session yet and you’re a fan of live music, get yourself down and check it out!

Do you need to bring anything?
We have a full line-up onstage consisting of drum kit, bass amp, guitar amp, keyboard, percussion setup, horn mic’s, and vocal mic’s. If you’re a musician and you want to play then you need to bring you instruments down, unless you are a drummer then you just need your sticks.

Why come to phat sessions?
Phat Sessions is a great place for musicians to meet and offers a chance to perform on stage to a packed out crowd, get drunk and have a dance!

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    Phat sessions sounds like a brilliant idea!