Coloureds – Elastic EP

The style displayed on the Elastic EP by Coloureds is a very sample heavy, cut up and high energy dance floor based affair. It sounds very much like a more fun take on the Akufen cut up sound which he helped pioneer many years ago. They manage to cram in so many different sounds which come at you thick and fast. This obviously runs risk of being too much. Thankfully this is not the case and never feels overdone. There is also a clear nod to French house music with its slick twists and turns throughout.

They start with ‘Coder’ which as previously mentioned has a sample heavy sound. That’s not to say they are sampling other peoples work. They could easily be sampling themselves. This serves to give a very cut up and funky off kilter sound. It progresses through nicely before breaking into a big acid flavoured bass line which adds some lovely dirt to the track.

‘Elastic’ comes next and is really more of the same. Very funky off beat use of sounds which give lots of movement and rhythm which sits over a standard house beat.

‘Funk Express’ is arguably the hardest offering out of the lot. With a heavy, side chained bass line causing maximum damage. The track then moves on to a great breakdown before jumping back to life to kick your face in. Joy.

The 3 tracks here have lots of energy and are clearly made for the dance floor. And on this offering it’s hard to see people not moving to the infectious funk Coloureds have to offer.

Included in the package is 3 remixes. The first is from Sshh! The Deaf Have Aids who tackle ‘Coder’. Brings to mind a more basic Waters Of Nazareth with its distorted bass line running throughout. It really could have benefited from more attention and variation to the drums. It just sounds unfinished to me.

Next is Polinski who remixes ‘Elastic’. Solid effort and slightly takes the focus away from the dance floor and more into a thoughtful Planet Mu, Warp records style. Definitely hearing some Clark influence coming through. The great use of percussive elements are a highlight in a really well thought out and written track.

Last up we have Thomas Lehman whose remix of ‘Funk Express’ really impressed me. He retains the aggression from the original track to leave in some of the bite but really takes things deeper. The breakdown is immense and when the beat drops back in its all systems go. A really driving pulsating bass line coupled with the heavy reverb synth stabs really work together. Sound wise it’s not a million miles away from a Tevo Howard style deep roller. Absolutely killer stuff.



Released 2nd March 2012