Dananananaykroyd @ The Bullingdon – 10/11/11

It’s pretty weird going see a band knowing that they are breaking up after this tour, the knowledge that the people you are watching on stage, are ending what must have been the main focus of their life for a good couple of years is definitely odd.  I’ve seen Dananananaykroyd three times previously and at each show they have been great; loads of fun and full of energy. Last Thursday at The Bullingdon is no exception and it really sucks that they are breaking up.

What originally turned me on to Dananananaykroyd was the fact they had two drummers, one of which was also the lead singer. Unfortunately this is no longer the case but they still have two lead singers which creates and awesome double front-man team. Calium Gunn and John Baillie Jnr work the crowd brilliantly and expel seemingly unlimited energy; their shouty/screamy singing style really adds an edge to the bands self-coined “fight-pop” style. Which is probably best described as indie-popish post-hardcore or something along those lines. With two albums and an EP under their belt, the set is relatively short coming in at just over an hour and the crowd are definitely left wanting more.

The bands almost legendary live show and enthusiasm is still the band’s key strength, although the duties did seem to lay on Calium and John more than the last couple of times I’ve seen them. But still we got some crowd surfing from Calium and hugs from John, as well as the always brilliant “wall of cuddles”, which is just unsurprisingly, much more pleasant than “the wall of death”. The Bullingdon (which google tells me can hold 400 people) wasn’t rammed, more like half full if not under, but at the front this didn’t matter at all, as good portion of the crowd was way up for some fun.

I left with a massive smile on my face; it was, as I expected, a great live show. I would recommend going to see Dananananaykroyd to anyone whether or not they had ever listened to their records. Unfortunately too many people now will never get the chance to see them live. All we can do is wait and see what projects come from the disbanded members and hope they bring the same joy and energy to whatever they do in the future.

Photography by Richard Isaac