Danny & The Champions Of The World Announce New Album

Oxford’s favourite champs, Danny & The Champions Of The World, have announced the release of their brand new album Hearts And Arrows, which will be released on July 18th courtesy of SO Recordings.

Due to the ever altering line-up of The Champions, fans can expect a more “classic rock” sound from the new album with Danny Wilson claiming that:

“I’m so fucking bored of ‘new folk’, and the trendiness that surrounds it, everyone pretending that it’s 1971 again. I wanted to make a totally un-bearded record. My reference points were Black Flag and Bad Brains, Tom Petty and Thin Lizzy, not Nick Drake and Sweetheart Of The Rodeo. Forget 1971, this is 1976: Dr Feelgood, Nick Lowe, just great rock’n’roll.”

I’m not sure that the world is ready for Danny doing an impression Henry Rollins, but thankfully, listening to the new song ‘Ghost In The Wire’ (which you can stream underneath), we can hear that, although the sound is mercifully not nu-folk, neither is it post-punk or hardcore. Phew.

Danny & The Champions Of The World – Ghosts In The Wire by SoRecords

One thought on “Danny & The Champions Of The World Announce New Album”

  1. Jack_OMB

    This is cool, quite Tom Petty, Elvis Costello etc. All round thumbs up from me!