Dead Jerichos – Please Yourself EP

There definitely seems to be a mould that most bands from the city of dreaming spires seem to fit into: complex guitar riffs and poetic and catchy lyrics. Dead Jerichos are one of the great bands that are of the Oxford music scene with motifs sounding like a mixture of Trophy Wife, Foals and Spring Offensive. Dead Jerichos have released their latest EP, Please Yourself, containing four tracks (two remixes) showcasing their talent as a three-piece band. The EP presents the effortless cool and subtle complexities that Craig Evans, Sahm Amirsedghi and Leo Rayner create.

The first title named track, ‘Please Yourself’, starts with classic quick guitar sounds incredibly similar to Foals’ ‘Balloons’, making the track upbeat and fast paced. When the vocals enter it’s hard not to hear a likeness to Kelly Jones, lead singer of Stereophonics. This track represents the kind of sound perfect for the modern music consumer, a jumpy and messy single that is catchy with its repetitive chorus you could easily immerse yourself fully in the sound lying on your bed with the speakers up loud, or concentrating on your early morning commute with this in the background.

The second track on the EP is ‘Spaces & Sounds’ that begins with bouncing guitar notes making the song eerie and sound like we are actually entering space. As the vocals enter, the song reaches a stable beat with simple drums and again the classic guitar sound like early Foals. The complex echoes of vocals make the track ever more creepy and thus lives up to its name.

The two remixes on the EP are by legendary Dub soundsystem Dubwiser and Oxford electronic ensemble Message To Bears. The reinvented tracks make a an exciting and exhilarating listen and wouldn’t be shyed away from appearing on many a playlist for parties. ‘Please Yourself’ is transformed into a totally different track with a steady drum beat heard throughout and quiet guitar and repetitive vocal entries. ‘Space & Sounds’ is ambient and much like Message To Bears’ music with it’s simple and calming hums.

Overall, Please Yourself is an EP to be thoroughly enjoyed and Dead Jerichos can spend Christmas knowing they have done themselves proud.



Released on 13th December 2011