Deer Chicago – ‘Lantern Collapse’

When I first saw Deer Chicago live, earlier this year, I thought their energy and power was captivating and impressive. Their attention to detail was obvious and they have a clear passion for good song-writing; so I was excited to hear their new release: ‘Lantern Collapse’ – a double A side single set to be released on the 3rd of November.

This double feature opens with a bang – ‘Lantern Collapse’ is a grand, epic affair filled with an addictive tension. The vocals cut through with a passion and desperation that is now becoming their trademark; even at times when you can’t quite make out the lyrics, the emotion behind Jonny’s melodies will always carry you through. The tense, sparse guitars in the verse, give way to a thunderous distortion in the chorus sections, pulling you deeper with each chord.

‘Rolling Of The Ocean’ is arguably the more accessible of the two tracks and also my favourite. The sweet glockenspiel solo in the middle of the song gives warmth and a depth that is quite welcome on such a raw and energetic record. Again, Jonny’s melodies grab you and keep you hooked while Daniel’s bass lines move effortlessly through the track, gluing the whole thing together.

The only downside to these tracks for me was the lack of power behind the sound of the drums. Having seen this band live, I’m more than aware of the massive sound that the drummer, Tristan, is capable of. I don’t know if that sound was captured to its full potential here.

‘Lantern Collapse’ is, ultimately, a well written and well executed double A side single. It shows that Deer Chicago are growing and learning, finding confidence in their sound. They’re a very young band, but these guys have done their homework – well worth a listen.



Released on 3rd November 2011.