Phantom Theory- Delayed and Decayed

When I hear the name Phantom Theory, it brings back memories of a certain sweaty barn, with it’s rather too natural smells at last years Truck Festival. Phantom Theory, are two guys with a huge amount of both aggression and passion in equal measures, creating a truly gigantic sound from just two instruments. They don’t hold back, they give it as good as it gets. And this E.P is no fall from form.

It opens with the anthemic stomper ‘Tone Of The Dead’ which begins with a sharp, spiky riff and excessive Hi-Hat abuse. But then out of this head banging heaven appears dual harmonies and catchy hooks. This is really power pop with a capital P.

The next track has perhaps one of the best titles ever – ‘Phil Collins vs. the World. It opens with Steve’s wonderfully big bass drum rhythms supplemented with tight snare beats and a guitar riff that evokes a Led Zepplin feel all over. There is a moment in this song, where the drumming just takes control of my feet – vocals backed up a wonderful bass and ride rhythm. Impossible not to air-drum along to, but my feet are still suffering from spasms as I write. Here Steve plays up to the titles namesake, I can see that Cadbury’s primate in my head right now! Perhaps this just sums up Phantom Theory; they come at you looking like a pair of misschievous chimpanzees, but packing the weight of a Silverback Gorilla.

The final track, ‘A Long List Of Methods For Evading Black Hand’, allows the pop-punch they possess inch its way back into more aggressive territory, with emphatic and just plain catchy vocals and funky guitar riffs. This song is a statement declaring with pride “That’s our way. That’s your way.” We like your way best, boys.

The sun is starting to shine again and Phantom Theory are creating even more anticipation of what’s to come; get ready for mud, warm beer and some serious headbangin’ this summer. Phantom Theory have taken the sunshine we are currently enjoying and have raised it: one fucking huge supernova!



This FREE digital EP download is released today (Friday 25th March 2011) on Phantom Theory’s own label A Mother Python Records. Download it from the band’s offical website:

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  1. JackOlchawski

    Chuck, your writing is just getting better and better mate. Woop!