Double Suns Art Project

We all know what an artistic bunch the Blessing Force crew are, right? If you have been to any of their live showcases then you will already know this. Well here is another colourful brick in their already arty edifice; Double Suns is a collaborative arts project from Andrew Mears (ex-Youthmovies, current-Pet Moon) and one of Blessing Force’s resident artists and print makers, Valeska Hykel. Every two weeks an artist, musician, writer or filmmaker will be invited to design a t-shirt and a screen-printed object which is then lovingly created here in Oxford and sold online. All creations are limited and hand-numbered.

So far Double Suns have so far worked with writer and musician Adam Gnade (whose t-shirt featured some kind of hairy cyclops fella, see below) and Yannis Philippakis from Foals (whose mysterious, religious architecturally inspired t-shirt is also accompanied by a “mystery item”, see below below). Double Suns most recent project is with Oxford’s current king of electro Orlando Higginbottom from Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Future collaborations include London based collage artist Gemma Pharo, director and photographer Dave Ma as well as Blessing Force’s own Jonquil.

Single sets cost £23 each, but you can also purchase six or twelve-set subscriptions. Fuck Topman, get clobbered in something truly unique!