New Song: The Dreaming Spires

Truck Festival may be gone for another year, but the excitement doesn’t end there for the Bennett brothers. Their band, The Dreaming Spires, released their brand new single ‘Everything All The Time’ yesterday on Clubhouse Records/Truck Digital. This is a fittingly congratulatory song about wanting it all.

‘Everything All The Time’ is relatively catchy and nicely produced, but there is no escaping the fact that it’s also rather mediocre. MOR country-inspired rock may not be the work of the devil, but it hardly draws from any divine musical inspiration. It’s the kind of track that has a real generational appeal: your Gran will definitely like it, your dad will probably enjoy its lack of rapping and synthesizers, and if you’re a teenager who isn’t a hipster you probably won’t change radio station when it comes on and you’re driving your mom’s Fiat Stilo (the song was recently featured on BBC Radio 6).

Stream the track underneath: