Errors – Have Some Faith In Magic

This album represents the perfect marriage of electronic elements with human ones, something which Errors have been infiltrating in to their sound more and more during their existence. Sonically what they have achieved with this album is a lot richer, warmer and ultimately fuller sounding than anything that has come before it. They have created dense layers with some excellent use of reverb throughout which not only attributes to the warmth experienced on the record, but also the underlying 80’s synth pop feel.

It’s still very much an Error’s record through and through. Catchy melodies under pin jaunty, highly rhythmical and percussive element. But now they have taken this very solid base and added to it with great success. Vocals are a new inclusion. Although it has to be stated that all vocals employed are done so in a very musical way. Meaning that they are used more like another instrument. Due to this I struggled to understand a single word of the vocals such is there reverb drenched existence on the album. But rather than be a negative, again it serves to add to the overall depth and layered approach on display.

Album highlights are opener ‘Tusk’ which builds and builds, creating great anticipation before exploding into an infectious groove that immediately sets the expectation levels sky high. ‘Magna Encarta’ follows this which is another slow starter that bursts into an upbeat and positive life. ‘Blank Media’ slows down the pace and comes across with some seriously lush Balearic stoned out vibes. ‘Pleasure Palace’ gives a pleasant nod back to the Errors of old with programmed electronic drums being employed. In this occasion with a disco feel. Pop heavy melodies and hooks engrave themselves so deep you’ll be humming them for days. ‘Earthscore’ bounds into life with a glorious tribal afro beat which brilliantly under pins the chanted vocals.

To be fair though I can’t find fault with any of the first 7 tracks on the album. The quality really is that high. If the album were to end here then for my mind it would be a 10 our 10 rating. Unfortunately it does not. That’s not to say that what follows is bad. It just they don’t stand out or hit as hard as any of the previous tracks. So as such they come across as a little over shadowed. This may change in the future with further listens. I certainly hope so. Ultimately this is a solid album which for the most part is exceptional. It hit’s some truly dizzying highs and whilst this isn’t the case for every song on the album it is definitely worth checking out and grows with every listen.



Released on 30th January 2012 by Rock Action Records