Fixers – Imperial Goddess Of Mercy

Wow! I am truly in love with this band. Everything about their music has the power to paint a huge smile on my face. For those of you that don’t know, Fixers are a five piece pop band, sounding similar to Animal Collective but with more of a vibrant, less indie and more pop, twist. This has been their “official” breakthrough year in which they have recently played at the Ashmolean Museum and at festivals such as Truck and Reading not to mention all the press they have had up and the country throughout the year. Imperial Goddess of Mercy is the title of their new EP and it features five magnificently bright songs embedded with that all important cosmic reverb-drenched psychedelia.

‘Majesties Ranch’, already a live favourite, is first in line on this release. This upbeat track is most definitely my favourite, especially after seeing it performed live several times over the summer. An essence of uplifting happiness is brought about when this song is played, and this taken even further when the chorus is reached. ‘Evil Carbs’ is the best kind of trippy and is able to lift anyone’s mood, the music video as well (dogs making bread, who’d have thought it?). The first twenty seconds of the track portrays elements of the unknown and mystery is created. A couple of seconds later however, this buoyant but magical melody recurs like an exquisite and beautiful chant.

The half way track ‘Selinah’ exposes a brilliant amount of reverb and harmonies. It is definitely the most electronic piece on there and is the perfect length. With a good solid beat and affectionate lyrics, ‘Trans Love’ is close to four minutes of pure paradise. This aesthetic piece of music really highlights the surf pop that Fixers are renowned for. ‘Divorce’ is the contrasting song on the EP. The pace is very slow which provides a balance-able comparison and also reflects the title of song. Through the duration of the song, the line “it’s a bit like when Kiss took their mask off” is repeated several times, which gives emphasis to the poignancy of the lyrics.  This is only the beginning for Fixers and with another great EP on their shoulders, 2012 will no doubt be a truly significant year for this phenomenal band.



Released on 19th December 2011 by Vertigo/Mercury