Fixers – We’ll Be The Moon

They’ve been bandied about the blogosphere for nigh on 2 years now – Get on board, because they’re about to take off . And it’s a hell of a ride ahead. Well, actually, the blue torch paper has been lit, and it’s fizzed to the point of take off, but something has happened. Something has stopped. Mercury Records have stuttered, but you know what they say about returning to discard a rocket which has seemingly failed to shoot up skywards…

Mercury or no Mercury, Fixers fucking rock!

No, really. They’re super inspiring. We have here not just yet another buzz band from Oxford – we have yet another really fucking awesome band from Oxford. A band giving in to nobody’s preconceptions, and making music connecting intimately to their peers yet able to stand still and separate entirely in its own bubbly box.

I have a hard time writing stuff like that. It seems unfair to do the hometown advantage thing; I desperately want to find something to cynically latch onto and suck the life from, like a critical little tumor sprouting somewhere from the album. Especially with such a fucking happy album.

But you know what? It’s too damn good. The production is in that beautiful debut album sweet spot right between intentionally shite and deliberately overfinished, sparkling and shimmering and nicely compressed into solid diamond. And there’s a diamond on the cover just to make sure you notice. And the vocals are caressingly careless and smooth, and the whole thing just floats like every middle finger in Oxfordshire has been detached and is on holiday. This is a cynicism-free zone.

This is where we enter a list of meaningless comparisons – Beach Boys, MGMT, Friendly Fires, Kate Bush, Animal Collective.

But really, it is meaningless. They’re a psych band, and the job of a pysch band is to create another world. And they do. And that’s all you need to know. Listen.



Released on 18th June 2012 by Dolphin Love Records