Flights of Helios – ‘Star’//’Crows’

Flights of Helios Star Crows

Oxford experimental drone-pop outfit Flights of Helios have released a brand new double A-side single entitled ‘Star’//’Crows’. Having finished the tracks back in March, the band have decided to wait until now to officially release the finished articles.

The suitably named ‘Star’ is a chilled cosmic-rock ballad complete with signature dreamy vocals, ‘Crows’ begins in the same vein as ‘Star’, but with a squelch of synth and a burst of percussion, the track suddenly switches tempo from a steady geosynchronous orbit to lightspeed; terra firma a distant memory.

The single can also be purchased as part of a limited edition poster bundle with download codes and exclusive remixes, available from the Truck Store in Cowley, or at one of the bands many shows (the next being Audioscope at the Port Mahon (St Clements) on Friday 8 November.

The single was recorded by Capitol K, Flights of Helios, Kit Montieth and Jamie Morris. Mixed by Kit Montieth, Jamie Morris and Flights of Helios at Safehouse Studios. Mastered by Ben Thomas (L’Étranger).