Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly @ O2 Oxford Academy 23/05/2012

I first saw Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly on the Main stage at a very wet Truck in 2006 , just Sam Duckworth, his guitar and laptop. His afternoon slot was filled with technical difficulties and Sam had to perform most of the set without his laptop, but this demonstrated what an impressive performer  he was and how comfortable he was with a crowd, I recall him even getting a member of the crowd on stage to do beatboxing for one of the songs. Things have changed since that set when in 2008 Sam performed with a full band line up with brass section, but this has changed further tonight with Sam being flanked by 2 guitarists and this helps show his rockier style.

A large crowd has turned out on a very warm evening for GCWCF’s last gig of his UK tour promoting the new album Maps. They  opened up with ‘Real McCoy’ from Maps, this rockier track is a change from his previous material and gets the night off to a good start.  Things really get going when he goes into ‘I Spy’, with the crowd singing every word back to him, the crowd then go into singing mode again with ‘War Of The Worlds’ with the track beginning slowly with just Sam and his acoustic guitar then the band coming in for a gig finish.

Throughout the set it’s clear that Sam is enjoying himself with the crowd, making many references from his time living in Oxford and welcoming everyone to The Zodiac.  Sam went in to one of his famous political rants telling everyone of his anger at the current political state of the country with corrupt multinationals and dodgy media, this got plenty of whoops from the crowd before he went into his new single ‘Daylight Robbery’, this had a punky feel to it with a strong/aggressive bass driving it through the verses.

The venue is now very hot and sweaty but this does not stop Sam jigging about as he enjoys himself in a city he call’s his second home.

It is clear that the crowd are really enjoying the songs from his first album Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager as they come out singing again with ‘Whitewash Is Brainwash’, a song Sam explains was written while sitting at the top of Headington Hill. He finishes the night with ‘Chronicle of a Bohemian Teenager Pt1’ with the crowd at full voice.

This was a very accomplished set by Sam who comes across a very humble being, he states several time that he is not sure how the GCWCF project will progress and if anyone really gives a shit about it, but after this performance it is clear that in what ever form he choices Sam still has plenty to offer.