Glass Animals – Leaflings

Atmospheric, electronic and dark with a hint of psychedelia, Glass Animals have produced a beautiful EP. Filled with pulsating sythns and gentle beats they combine the genres of electronica and alternative effortlessly. Using experimental production techniques, they build cascading layers of instruments in each song, mixing electronics and guitars with the singer’s effortless falsetto voice to create a textured listen. At first the lyrics of the song could be almost overlooked as the vocals are like an extension of the music, as they are crafted so well into them. But when listened to further they are subtle but melodic and provide an added layer of emotion to the songs.

On first listen I found the EP relatively accessible and I mean that as a compliment. I’m not saying it was shallow or simple. Simply that it draws you in. Each listen you hear new aspects to the intricately woven songs. Sometimes the most accessible music can be the most evocative. The opening song ‘Golden Antlers’ is impressively crafted into ambient dance song, with its mysterious element matched with smatterings of drumbeats and bass .The second track ‘Cocoa Hooves’ is possibly the most powerful of the tracks of the EP. With the gentle guitar intro it builds from being beautifully calming to sweepingly melodies.

Throughout the EP there is a darker undertone to the music. This is clearly evident in the song ‘Dust in Your Pocket’. With a long hazy introduction filled with moody synths, a deeper singing tone and a deep double bass there is an almost haunting feeling to it. With the falsetto chorus and overlapping rhythms ‘Cocoa Hooves part II’ is like a remix rather than a continuation of part I. Looping, layering and repeating they change and add to the previous song producing something more upbeat and with a deeper bass, but still atmospheric.

With an eclectic use of instruments they create a diverse but distinct sound that is a refreshingly different. A stunning EP.

Released on 18th September 2012 by Kaya Kaya Records