Golden Grrrls – Golden Grrrls

Golden Grrrls - Golden Grrrls album review

There’s a shaky issue of time running through the songs on Golden Grrrls’ debut album. Just take a look at some of these song titles: ‘Past Tense’, ‘Older Today’, ‘Take Your Time’, ‘Time Goes Slow’, etc. Particularly shaky in their case: Golden Grrrls, a Glaswegian trio making their uncertain way through these cruel times, seem to be stuck in the good old 80’s and the romantic, irresistible spirit of bands like The Pastels, The Vaselines and Dolly Mixture. So the fixation is understandable.

And will be easily forgiven – as long as the very derivativeness of the sound won’t stand in the way of a few knockout tunes. Thankfully, we have plenty of those.

Obviously there are thousands of bands doing this roughed-up, girl-boy twee thing, but just how many of those could come up with the guitar line of ‘Paul Simon’, a number one pop hit in a world where we would all want to live? The nonsensical infectiousness of the track is nice, of course, but that guitar line alone would put them way above their numerous peers. As one would expect, nothing else here captures that stupefying brilliance, but they certainly do manage to come close with the opening ‘Newpop’ (come on, a title like that), the catchy, almost-three minute long (one of the longest songs on the album, no less) outburst ‘Time Goes Slow’ and the closing, faux-anthemic ‘We’ve Got’. And even if a couple of songs do miss the mark slightly, it’s no big deal with an album so short.

There’s not much you can disclose in the way of song descriptions. It’s all sweet, melodic, tastefully chaotic pop music with an exciting 80’s edge. Amateurish in a good way. In a world where countless of beautiful losers are doing this sort of stuff, Golden Grrrls seem a superior proposition. After all, it’s for a guitar line of ‘Paul Simon’ that you should turn to pop music in the first place.

Released on 12 March 2013 by Slumberland Records.