Last Shop Standing: What Ever Happened To Record Shops?

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but there appears to be a brand new shiny shop on the Cowley Road. I’m talking about the Truck Store of course! Truck and Rapture have got together in the greatest combo since absinthe and history lessons to open an independent record store in OX4. This Saturday (26th February) sees the first of many in-store specials with a talk about “why we need to support independent record shops and independent record labels”. Graham Jones – author of Last Shop Standing: Whatever Happened to Record Shops? and one of the founders of Proper Music Distribution – will be telling plenty of insightful and humorous anecdotes “about the music industry and revealing the truth about chart hyping and other  shenanigans the industry got up to”.

So whether you’re feeling disillusioned by the state of the corporate music industry or perhaps you’re completely apathetic about the idea of an indie music shop, then you should head to the Truck Store (101 Cowley Road) from 4pm to hear what’s all the fuss about when it comes to supporting the brave (and sometimes stupid) souls who take it upon themselves to keep the light of independent music a-burning.

Although it does sound very serious, there will be a few raucous laughs along the way. Having been submerged in the industry for years, Graham has come across some funny old stories including; the hilarity of the UK’s worst record shop, the hysterical tale of the band that faked a murder and how a shop sold £45,000 worth of records for a fiver.

With Truck and Rapture embarking upon such a plucky venture, it’s important to support them in their quest to save our local scene, so come along to the Truck Store this Saturday, listen to Graham’s call to arms and then buy a shit load of great music. And if we ever see you in HMV, we will either a) kneecap you, b) kidnap your dog or c) poo on your doorstep. You’ve been warned!