Gunning For Tamar New EP Details

Oxford math-rockers Gunning For Tamar have a new EP on the horizon. On 30th May, Walnut Tree Records (also home to Tiger Please and Cuba Cuba) will release Deaf Cow Motel into the wild, which will be proceeded by a free download track one month before the EP’s release.

There is also a pre-sale on over at the Walnut Tree Records site ( and the link for the pre-sale is . Each pre-sale order also receives a limited edition poster, sticker and also a free remix as well. You lucky, loyal fans!

The tracklisting goes thusly:

1.German Treasure Island

2. Running With Scissors

3. God Made Colours

4. Bonfires

The band has also compiled a viral style promotional video for the impending release of the EP which you can watch below. Tasty!  Well, I don’t know about you but I would quite like to visit the Deaf Cow Motel after that! Even if it does stink of cow-shit.