Gunning For Tamar Remixes

Oxford math-rock wizards and all round general sexy boys Gunning For Tamar have released five remixes, some are tunes by Oxford bands. Uploaded onto this Bandcamp page, GFT remix ‘Trancedog’ by Phantom Theory, ‘Brother’ by Ute (who recently, and sadly, decided to call it a day), ‘Abacus Rex’ by Spring Offensive, ‘Dead Gardener’ by Flies Are Spies From Hell and ‘Steal The Sunshine At Your Peril’ by (da-da-da-da-da-daaaaa) themselves! Big’eads. 

There’s 5 streaming on there currently, 3 are free to download and the other two have links to the releases they can be found on.

Here’s the link for the download and check out their video for the song ‘German Treasure Island’ underneath: