Haim – Forever EP

Haim write such beautifully captivating music that it should come with a health warning. The simplistic nature of the tracks coupled with the scintillating vocal harmonies means that all the songs are instantly etched in your brain. And it gets worse with every listen…I’ve spent the past few days walking around humming the music like an absolute loon. I fear if I don’t stop listening soon I may be sectioned. Granted there are only three tracks on the Forever EP. But the fact I keep reaching for the play button again and again is testament to the strength of the music on display.

What Haim do incredibly well is take stripped down percussive elements and layer them with enchanting vocal melodies. Throw in some well placed guitar riffs and piano parts and that’s them. Simple really. Why don’t you do this? Seriously, your band is awful. Please take note.

Why is it so effective? For my mind it’s the sheer addictiveness. The drums and percussion grab you and insist on making you nod your head. The vocals make you want to belt out the lyrics at the top of your lungs. It’s an almighty alluring combination. Whilst I would class the music on Forever as pop it’s not without a wealth of depth. This is not Katy Perry style throw away pop music. The lyrics have real deepness and at times the music takes a darker tone to create a real sense of longing and emotiveness. This adds a further dimension to the summery vibe which is most prominent throughout the EP.

All the simplicity and harmonic values used mean that the overall package is hugely catchy, memorable and undeniably infectious from the first listen. First class pop music. Can’t wait for more.

Released on 2nd July 2012 by National Anthem Records