Album Archaeology: Halasan Bazar

Halasan Bazar Interview

Ahh, the thrill of an archaeological dig. Just ask Tony Robinson! He loves scavenging around in the mud, clinging onto the hope that he will find a shard of Roman pot. However, we aren’t too interested in bits of ancient pewter, or Tony Robinson for that matter, instead we like to dig deeper into the musical history of musicians and artists. This particular excavation sees Halasan Bazar’s lead vocalist Fredrik Rollum Eckhoff unearthing the albums from his past and present.

1) The first album which you can remember listening to.
Neil Young – Ragged Glory. My dad listened to it NON STOP when I was 3-4 years old, I know every song by heart.

2) The first album you ever bought.
Kim Larsen – Forklædt Som Voksen. Huge Kim Larsen fan as a 7 year, his cassette was very precious to me.

3) The first album you became obsessed about.
Amon Tobin – Supermodified. Electronica sparked my music interest at around 16-17, and this album was the zenith of those, truly an album from another planet altogether. Still blows my mind.

4) An album to fall in love to.
Elliot Smith – Figure 8. I did.

5) An album to fall apart to.
Am I allowed to say Halasan Bazar – Space Junk? I don’t really listen to music when I´m fucked up. I just make it. I think I remember The Dept of Eagles – In Ear Park running in the background during a horrible break up, which made me never listen to it again.

6) The album which made you want to make music.
Maybe, The Deep – Psychedelic Moods, a lot of pling-plong and sound effects on top of some entertaining songwriting. Kinda what we do, although I like to think that we add some literary and emotional depth to it.

7) An album which made you love psychedelia.
Pink Floyd – Piper at The Gates of Dawn. Probably one of the only psychedelic albums with any staying power on my turntable. Most psych is use up and throw out kinda stuff. This one you can listen to forever and it’ll be entertaining. Also there is Caribou – Andorra, if I am to name one of the modern psychedelic albums.

8) The best album from he 1960s.
Love – Forever Changes. My all-time favorite album I think.

9) An album which took you a while to fully appreciate.
Maybe The Avalanches – Since I Left You. Kept growing through 50-60 run-throughs. A lot of details on that one. And Bob Dylan in general. He still feels really alien to me at times.

10) The best album you heard recently.
Helvetia – Nothing In Rambling. Insane album. I can’t even express in words how good and important this album is. Nuts!

Halasan Bazar have just released a video for their song ‘How Did We Get Here In The First Place’ which you can watch underneath.

Halasan Bazar – How Did We Get Here In The First Place from Henry the Rabbit on Vimeo.