Have WHY? Write A Song About YOU!

Kings of genre-osmosis WHY? are giving fans the chance to win some truly unique memorabilia in a charity auction aimed at raising money for aid in Japan. Some of the items, listed on ebay, include rare test pressings, original lyric sheets and album notes. However, the most sought-after listing is without doubt the Golden Ticket #4.

But what is this mysterious Golden Ticket I hear you ask? Well, don’t expect a special visit to Yoni’s secret chocolate factory (that shit is strictly off limits!), instead the lucky winner will have their own personal theme song composed and recorded by the band.  Here’s some more info about the Golden Ticket project straight from the horse’s mouth:

“GOLDEN TICKET #4 is up for auction to the highest bidder!! For those of you who are not familiar with this project it is a contest we hold each month on our website where one lucky fan/customer is chosen at random to receive a Golden Ticket with their order, Yoni will web-stalk them for lyric content, write a song about that fan and Josiah will produce it. Each ticket is unique and is in some form a golden object with a hand written congratulations note with instructions upon arrival. We then publish the song along with their photo on our site and facebook. THIS MONTH we are AUCTIONING the chance to win this theme song! We’ve had many requests from fans to write them songs and now this is your chance to WIN that request!! We are starting this auction at a higher price than our other auctions because it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only win something of your dreams (we hope) AND to raise a seriously great amount of money for Japan relief. We know it’s alot of money to donate but we hope you will participate and give as much as you can to this charity.

100% of the sales for this auction (and all of our auctions) will go to Hands On Tokyo. At the end of 2011 we will have an entire albums worth of Golden Ticket songs which will include yours!”

So if you fancy having a song written about you AND helping an admirable charitable cause then head over to Josiah’s ebay account and go on a bidding frenzy! WARNING: many of the listings finish in less than 24 hours so you’ll have to be quick!

Here’s the video for ‘A Sky For Shoeing Horse Under’ which was released back on 2008 album Alopecia.

WHY? – “A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under” from anticon. on Vimeo.

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  1. Marrow

    you’ve got to watch this video through to the end to catch the xylophone player with eyes a-shining.