InnerPartySystem – Never Be Content EP

InnerPartySystem are an Electronica/Industrial rock band from Mohnton, Pennsylvania. With their latest EP Never Be Content they move away from their more rocky influences to delve into much darker, yet more danceable, territories. Lead single ‘American Trash’ mixes a dirty, buzzing bass line with dark satirical lyrics which sparks surprising comparisons to Nine Inch Nail’s Year Zero.

Other highlights include ‘Money Makes The World Go Round’ which starts with a strange voiceover and ends with an epic, Pendulum-esque, pounding finish. ‘Out Of Touch’ will sound a lot more familiar to InnerPartySystem fans, harking back to their last album and bridging their development to this EP. ‘Not getting Any Better’ seems to have a slight 80’s influence, Depeche Mode springing to mind, yet the biggest comparison can be made with Pendulum who at the moment are the kings of the rock/dance hybrid.

The flowing synths and dark, anti-consumerist lyrics of ‘Squid’ finish off the EP with a sense of dread and a good indication of what their next record will bring. There is a consistent theme of anti-consumerist lyrics and pessimism throughout the EP (similar to ‘Don’t Stop’ from their last album) which implies that InnerPartySystem have a pretty dire view of the world. This does allow for some dark, biting lyrics such as “I’m so united when I stand. I get my facts from the TV, believe in everything I read. It’s such an ignorant bliss, when the whole fucking world wants to be like me”, from ‘American Trash’, implying that we only think about ourselves and highlighting the ignorance of the modern day consumer.

‘Money Makes The World Go Around’ has a similar view, commenting on the worlds obsession with money and the subsequent need for more. Never Be Content is a severely dark, incredibly danceable and a disturbing commentary on American culture yet it is a good step forward from their last album to a distinctively darker and more dance orientated sound.



Released on 29th March courtesy of Red Bull Records.