Fossil Collective // Interview

Fossil Collective Oxford

With their debut album Tell Where I Lie released last Monday via Dirty Hit Records, Fossil Collective are today embarking upon a month-long tour of the UK. We caught up with the band to discuss their influences, going on tour and if they had to choose an animal to bring back from extinction, what would it be?

Fossil Collective will play at the Jericho Tavern in Oxford on Friday 12 April.

Hello Fossil Collective. What’s behind the name?

From the very start of the band we always wanted it to be a collective and have a revolving door of musicians playing with us and artists helping us – artwork / video’s etc. This helps us with creativity and moves us away from the constraints of a typical 5 piece band. The ‘Fossil’ part we just stuck in front and it sounded cool.

Which artists have inspired you to become a band?

Everyone we listened to growing up to everyone we listen to today. I guess it all goes back to our childhood and growing up with our parents music, people like Neil Young, Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor. We (Fossil Collective) have pretty diverse music tastes in the band now though and really can listen to everything from Bon Iver to Ravi Shanker.

Under what circumstances was Tell Where I Lie imagined, written and created?

The album is a collection of songs we’ve written over the last couple of years and even includes the very first song we ever wrote. It’s been a really interesting process and we’ve recorded it in some great studios (including a church where we had to stop when services were on) and even got to master the album at Abbey Road.

Ideally, if you weren’t on tour, what would you be doing?

I’d be working with other bands, probably in a creative songwriting capacity or helping them in the studio. Something music related i’m sure….

Which is the best city you have ever played to?

For me it’s Manchester on the last tour – I can’t really explain why but sometimes there’s just magic in the air. Either that or playing with the Civil Wars at the Roundhouse in London to over 3,000 people – that was pretty special.

If Fossil Collective and Animal Collective has a fight, who would win?

Definitely them, we’re pretty Zen to to be honest – we’d probably talk them down and all end up being friends.

If you could bring one creature back from extinction, what would it be and why?

The Devil Frog – see question 10, it could clean up our streets and solve the rat problem in one swoop.

If Fossil Collective became a covers band, who would you cover and what would be your band name?

We’d definitely choose Radiohead and i think we’d be called ‘No Surprises’

What has been the best album of the 21st Century so far?

For me on a purely personal basis i think it’s OK Computer. Amazing songs and cutting edge production – the perfect combination.

What’s your position on trilobites? Best fossils of all-time, or over-rated wannabe woodlice?

The best fossil of all time is clearly the 70 million years old ‘devil frog’ they found in Madagascar. It was the size of a beach ball and could take out small dinosaurs!