Interview: The Deer Tracks

The Deer Tracks are a boy/girl electronic duo from Sweden who, on August 22nd, will release their brand new album The Archer Trilogy Part 2 courtesy of The Control Group/ADA. The album is part 2 of an ambitious trilogy of releases, with the first being an EP released back in March and a final EP will be released after this. Inspired by pioneers of Scandavian electronica such as Bjork, The Deer Tracks take a cultured approach to creating music full of intriguing ideas and an earnest pursuit of artistic merit. Ahead of the release of their new album, we caught up with David Lehnberg and Elin Lindfors to talk about the new release, the Swedish music scene and how they approach creating their music. 

One Note Forever: You are soon to release The Archer Trilogy Part 2. What can fans expect to differ from Part 1?
The Deer Tracks: Expect it to take you further into the electromagnetic mist of razor sharp spiderwebs in the darkest woods, further away from life as you know it, deeper into a yet unseen place. We’re electricity is what keeps your mind, body and soul going. 

OMB: What made you embark upon this ambitious trilogy of releases? How are they all linked and not just separate releases?
TDT: We wanted to do something different and investigate how it would feel to run a marathon. To not have a limit for 10 songs, to invite people to join our creative journey all the way. We’ve been visiting the past, the present and our biggest adventure is still ahead. Pt.3 will be recorded this fall and it might be a grey cylinder floating on human average hights inside a colorful spectrum of nothingness. 

OMB: For the unitiated, can you please explain where The Deer Tracks draw their musical influence from?
TDT: We don’t think to much about these things, we just create. We don’t talk that much when we write and record either. Usually we make drawings, like maps and constructions and then together try to build something that fits the image of what we’ve been putting on that paper. It’s like a treasure hunt, you never know what you will find. That keeps the excitement real and honest. And it’s always an element of surprise involved in that way of making art.

OMB: In the past you’ve descbribed  your sound as “Northern Light Electronica”. Do you see your current musical vision as still fitting that particular synopsis?
TDT: It wasn’t we who started to call our own music that, but I think it’s the most telling and describing little sentence out there portraying what we’re doing.

OMB: A lot of Swedish artists have firmly broken into the consciousness of UK music lovers. Is there a lot of mutual respect between yourselves and bands such as Acid House Kings and I’m From Barcelona? And are their any hidden gems in Sweden who you’d like to tell our readers about?
TDT: I’m sorry, but I don’t know any of those bands. But what I know is sweden is a dark and cold place, so there isn’t so much more things to do than to either work like a maniac, get wasted or be creative and artistic. And the artistic people of Sweden is often very driven by right motives to make their art as good and unique as possible.

OMB: As a duo, do you have very separate roles which you follow fairly rigidly, or does the process of creating your music alter every time?
TDT: During these years we have created a sacred world around the making of our music and your assumption is right, we both have a large need of being in control in different ways. Besides that it helps you grow and stay creative by solving the problems and overcoming any obstacles by yourself.

OMB: It seems that their are a lot of contemporary bands following the boy/girl duo aesthetic (Tennis, Big Deal ect) . Do you see any favourable reasons for working as a twosome rather than as a 5/6 piece band?
TDT: Since we never ever made our “The Deer Tracks music/art” in any other shape  or form we wouldn’t know. But I know we’re never gonna be anything else than a duo, except for live shows, that’s just the way it is.

OMB: Do you have any plans to tour the UK in the near future? In which country’s do you enjoy playing the most and why?
TDT: Just came home from a 10 days UK trip 2 days ago, but yeah sure, we’ll be back in the fall again. Japan was a really cool place. Different in so many ways. But we really just love touring, playing and connecting with people that are like us so countries and continents doesn’t matter. We are all one in a eternal universe.

OMB: What’s next for The Deer Tracks once the new album has been released?
TDT: This fall we’ll look us self up during night time to finnish up what will become part 3 of The Archer Trilogy. And we’re really looking forward to that. It will be something yet unheard of.

OMB: In ten words, please explain why OMB’s readers should investigate The Archer Trilogy Part 2.
TDT: All are bound like gears into the machine of illusion.