Introducing: Kill Murray

One of the funniest cinematic cameos in recent times is without doubt Bill Murray as himself in the zombie apocalypse romp Zombieland. Alive and well, hiding in his LA mansion whilst the world feasts on each other outside, a long haired Murray plays a prank on the film’s protangonist, played by Jesse Eisenberg, pretneding to be one of the undead. Not realising that BillMurray is in fact a mortal with a perverse sense of humour shoot Murray dead. He kills Bill Murray. How can you Kill Bill Murray? Kill Murray.

Tenuous cultural link over and done with. Kill Murray are a brand new Oxford band, or “supergroup” if you will, comprising of Gus Rogers (Dial F For Franenstein), Aaron Delgado (Phantom Theory), Scott McGregor (also Dial F) and Chris Hutchinson (50ft Panda). No songs have been released to the world just yet, but the band state their influences to include: Pavement, Yuck, LCD Soundsystem, TV On The Radio and Dinosaur Jr.

The band have been announced to play at Ley Lines Festival on Saturday 15th October.

Watch this space for more news concerning Kill Murray.