Japandroids – Celebration Rock

Japandroids were rightly lauded for their first release – an album that saw breakups, more labels than you can shake a stick at and international touring problems before it saw the light of day, and managed to capture all of ‘em in one condensed milk shot of unhingedness. And the second continues along the same pumping veins. Follows the tracks very closely. So closely, in fact, that even the album cover is practically the same.

It’s no problem really. The blueprint laid out was such a fresh mix of lo-fi passion and give-a-fuck attitude that it can quite easily undergo a second incarnation. It does lead to one-trick pony thoughts, but again, give a fuck. Japandroids have earned their chops, and they eat em with the sauce all over their chins.

So it’s a rock record. The drums play hard cymbal splashing goo across a boardwalk of memory melodies, as the two Canucks scream n shout inspiring mottoes in a kind circa 2002 emo twang. It’s as good as yer gonna get as far as uplifting songs made by/for vulnerable dudes in their 20s go. As the ‘Droids remind us:

“we’re still drinking – don’t we have anything to live for? Well, of course we do, but until it comes true, we’re drinking.”

The same grand sentiment of generations of skinny kids in ripped jeans, but tempered with a post-Taking Back Sunday awkwardness. Great, simple stuff. Buy now.



Released on 4th June 2012 by Polyvinyl Records