Jeffrey Lewis and The Junkyard @ The Bullingdon 23/08/2012

In my book, the Bullingdon’s pretty underrated. Not only does it host the excellent Tuesday jazz night, it often plays host to some excellent artists and DJ’s on a pretty regular basis, with acts such as Mystery Jets, Erol Alkan, Bonnie ‘Prince’ BillyTEED and Crocodiles previously taking to its disappointingly Carling-ed stage. Next up: Jeffrey Lewis and the Junkyard. And Liars. Don’t miss Liars.

For anyone unfamiliar with Jeffrey Lewis, he is to be filed next to The Moldy Peaches as part of the probably semi-fictional New York anti-folk scene. Slurring, witty, punk-ish folk (a punk fan, he has released an entire album of Crass covers); Lewis is a hilarious story teller- ‘Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror’ charts a fictional experience where he bumps into the ‘Bonnie Prince’  and is subsequently raped by him- and a writer of self-consciously lo-fi and scratchy confessionals.

I am uneducated when it comes to his live sets. However, his records can be real gems; if, like me, you’re sad enough to enjoy the kind of folk that features on the Juno soundtrack, then this is for you.