Johnny Foreigner – Certain Songs Are Cursed

Alcopop! Records’ very own indie-rock trio – Johnny Foreigner – are back with an awesome EP, Certain Songs Are Cursed. It was originally released as a Frisbee EP (an amazingly creative idea of a Frisbee with a CD on the bottom) but the 250 copies sold out within 24 hours. It can, however, luckily be found as a digital download on major online music stores. The four track EP is what seems to be a taster of what is to come later in 2011 from the Birmingham group made up of guitarist Alexei Berrow, drummer Junior Elvis Washington Laidley and bassist Kelly Southern.

‘What Drummers Get’ is a track reminiscent of what Johnny Foreigner represents and the many influences of their debut Waited Up Till it Was Light all come across in this magical track. The first ten seconds of an R&B drum machine is a bit misleading and may wrong foot listeners into believing that Johnny Foreigner are about to split their fan base in two with some very different material. However, this energetic opening track leads you nicely into the most eclectic track on the EP, ‘Twin Sisterzz’. ‘Twin Sisterzz’, like ‘What Drummers Get’, is a pop-punk whirlwind experience and the clash of the two vocals with the tight drumming of Junior leaves the willing listener with a smile on their face.

The EP is split in terms of rhythm, tempo and style, which makes for quite the contrast. ‘Johnny Foreigner Vs You (Cursed Version)’ is a heartfelt piano ballad and ‘Certain Songs’, the closing acoustic track of the EP, samples an impassioned rant. What can be found here are two emotional tracks bringing to mind past memories. The final line of the final track, ”You had your worst fucking heartbreak to fucking ‘Run’ by fucking Snow Patrol” represents the bands capacity to portray complex feelings in an idiosyncratic and totally relatable way.

In Alcopop!’s own words “a dynamite taster of what’s to come in 2011.” Expect big things to come from Johnny Foreigner in the future.



Released on 18th April 2011 by Alcopop! Records.