Kill Murray – ‘For The Kids’

So far, Kill Murray have been doing pretty well for themselves. They’ve had airplay on BBC Oxford, and BBC 6music amongst others, their previous EP, A Drug To Shake You Up was received with positive reactions all round. This new single, (a taster for a new EP out next year) wasn’t initially going to be released until 2013, but the band are, in their own words, “impatient buggers”, so here we are. I for one am glad of the band’s lack of self-restraint, because ‘For the Kids’ is awesome!

Initially, I wasn’t sure. The song didn’t really click for the first few listens. But it’s a grower. Soon enough, I started to appreciate the track in all its electronic, synth-y glory. The beat is simple and confident, an effective backbone for the song. The wailing vocals, occasionally rising to an impassioned screech, sound slightly haunted. They add depth and a rawness that contrasts nicely with the melodic synths. It sounds fresh and exciting, and although I missed their single launch at the Jericho Tavern last Friday, I hear that they’re just as good live as they are recorded. It’s not difficult to imagine.

It is not only catchy and danceable, it actually demands at the very least a small, self-conscious bounce along if you’re in public, and exuberant limb-flailing if you’re alone. Kill Murray are on their way up, They just keep getting better! Their accessible, sparkling indie pop has an almost universal appeal and, as a fellow impatient bugger, I can hardly wait for their new EP next year.

Self-released on 12th November 2012